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How to Send SMS Using My Business as the Sender?

This is what SMS Messenger was designed for – it’s easy online business SMS software that allows your business to register your own sender name and send SMS from a computer.

However, in order to succeed and crush the competition, you need more than just the best sms sending software…we will provide you proven examples, tips, recommendations and industry insights to dramatically grow your business.

To start off with, every business gets their own 100% free copy of the Ultimate Business SMS Examples Guide – with 50 proven formulas that guarantee to get more clicks, sales, appointments, reservations or leads than your business can handle!

Best Business SMS Examples

How To Track SMS Campaigns And Crush The Competition?

SMS Messenger, #1 Business SMS Platform in Australia, also features a built-in SMS tracking link shortener, that tracks the number of clicks you get from your SMS campaigns.

It works by taking your websites long URL and then shortening in way that everyone receives a unique URL.

Beautiful and simple reporting then gives you precise information on who clicked through from your SMS message!

For a limited time, you can score a lifetime access for unique SMS link tracking for your business for -90% off! (Save $891)

SMS Link Tracking Targeting

Best Business SMS Tools + Best Info = Amazing Value & Guaranteed Success

But we’re not done yet…when you start your business trial right now, you’ll receive our amazing kick start offers (valued over $400):

  • Done For You – Complementary setup where your existing customer files are sorted, validated and cleaned up. This saves you tons of time & effort and guarantees that your messaging will be fully compliant right from the start.
  • A copy of #8 Fatal Mistakes of Business SMS Messaging…and how to avoid them…
8 Fatal Mistakes of Business SMS Messaging
How To Receive SMS Online
  • Would you like to know the #1 SMS secret other providers don’t want you to know…and how that information has the potential to change your business forever? Of course you do…and yes, you’ll get that too!
Ultimate Business SMS Examples Guide
SMS Messenger Benefits
  • Be professional – use your business name as the sender
  • Get smart – with best sms prices in Australia
  • Follow up – using your own virtual number to receive sms
  • Act quick – use the easiest desktop messaging software to-date
  • Stay flexible – with unlimited number of contacts
  • Be personal – send personalised messages that engage
  • Work safe – with fully automated optout management
  • Go free – with no lock-in contracts
computer to sms
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Since 2005 we have helped thousands of Australian businesses, all the way from small corner stores to multinational retailers, with high-converting SMS marketing and business messaging needs.

We know what it takes to make it work and we continue to develop our app so that your business can always get the best possible value, features and support.

Our plans have been designed to work for any business regardless of its size or industry. Prepaid plans are great for getting started, whereas monthly plans are the best value SMS plans for businesses who use text messages regularly.

You can also buy your own virtual number for your business messaging for just a $1. With your own virtual number you can view replies from your customers online and reply to them instantly using your computer.

None of the plans have any lock-in contracts or minimum requirements and you can move from one plan to another if your business needs or situation changes.

We want you to succeed and if we can’t make it work for your business, we will refund every penny of your first purchase.


desktop messaging

We also take great pride in promptness of our service. Request a callback or email by filling out your details below and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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    We’ve been using SL Interactive’s SMS marketing services for over 5 years across our 4 companies and I couldn’t recommend it higher. It’s reliable, fast, very cost effective and works hand-in-hand with any other marketing campaigns we run.

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    Five Star Reviews
    I have been managing multiple client accounts through the SMS marketing platform for a number of years. The desktop software is great, but what makes it truly fantastic is the service to let the SL Interactive team take care of the sends for us – if you don’t know how to send bulk SMS then you have come to the right place.

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    What we love is the ease of the SMS Messenger Service. It is a cost effective way to keep our clients informed and up to date with what is happening in our business.

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    Stu Cox
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    SMS Marketing Reviews

    This has saved me so much time and effort. An immediate response with a 16% conversion rate and without any effort from me is just fantastic!

    6 Benefits of SMS Marketing

    Text messaging is a tried, tested and has been around for several years. It’s the most personal and reliable method of communication available and it can be extremely cost effective. Below are some of the benefits of text message advertising for your business.

    SMS gets your message across
    Standard text message length is 160 characters which allows you convey your message quickly and concisely. SMS has a 98% open rate so there's no better way to communicate your value offering.
    Everyone understands SMS
    Text messages are simple and get your message across instantly without messing around. When was the last time you received an SMS that you didn't read? That's right, never!
    Everyone uses SMS
    Everyone has an SMS enabled mobile regardless of manufacturer, carrier or their plan.
    SMS is instant
    Text messages are instant. You can type your text on your computer and send it to your SMS marketing list or existing customer database in a matter of seconds.
    SMS is affordable
    SMS marketing costs are very affordable. Cost per text is measured in cents and you can get started absolutely free. Our SMS Messenger pricing is the cheapest in Australia.
    SMS can be tracked
    With SMS Messenger you can send a link in your SMS and see who clicked it. You can read more about the amazingly powerful SMS link tracking feature, and how to enable it for your business, right here.

    Are you ready to give your business an instant boost?

    With the help of SMS Messenger – #1 Australian computer to SMS program – you are guaranteed to see 98% read rates that will skyrocket your business in a matter of minutes!

    Create a free account for your business now and receive your free copy of The Ultimate Business SMS Examples Guide.